Boarders Surf Shop Christian Stathis

Christian Stathis

Born and raised in Rockaway Beach, Christian grew up surfing and knows the waterways of this beach, dedicated to surfing his work path has taken him to becoming surf shop owner and NYC Firefighter. Since the doors opened he has worked to provide the same care in the shop as he does for NYC residents in need of rescue.  A father and husband Christian has stayed true to all that is Rockaway.

Boarders Surf Shop Steve Stathis

Steve Stathis

A Massive Pillar of the Rockaway Beach Community. The President of the Grey Beards a Non for Profit Organization that has saved and assisted hundreds of Rockaway residents in dire times over the years. Surfing the beaches of Rockaway in the beginning years of the sport new to the East Coast his passion grew and wanted to provide a store to the new influx of surfers coming to enjoy these beaches. Steve can definitely give you a solid story about this Magical Island.

Boarders Surf Shop Jimmy Dowd


Born and Raised in Old Howard Beach the Bayside of Rockaway Beach. Growing up his Mom took him Daily to the Beach where his Love for Surfing came to Light. Once old enough he moved to Rockaway Beach and it has been his Home ever since. The work path took him to Skateboard Retail shops in Manhattan for the Decade of the 1990’s and where his Experience in Retail comes in, on to Owner of     St James Clothing in 2000 and Co-Owner of Boarders Surf Shop alongside the Stathis Family. A consistent devotee to the neighborhood.